kim elwell

As I embarked into my first pregnancy, I wanted to make sure I stayed fit and got a good workout on a weekly basis.  I had such an easy first pregnancy and I believe it was directly related to the fitness program and workouts with Jessie. I even worked out the morning I went into labor! I felt like my post-partum recovery was definitely accelerated because we had worked so hard on strengthening my core for months! The doctor even mentioned how strong I was while pushing, and my baby boy was out in 4 hours! I'd say that's pretty good for a first time mom. Jessie is an amazing trainer, always pushing me and coming up with fun, interesting work outs every time we meet.



Shannon Randolph

I like Jessie’s energy, passion and knowledge. Clearly, I can tell she cares about what she does and wants to help. I appreciated how she listened to what I was looking for in a workout, asked me questions to refine specifics, made sure I was doing the correct form and still gave me a ‘butt-kicker’, which is what I asked for :)


veronica Samuel

The moment I met Jessie Conway I knew she was the person that could help me achieve my new goals and also the one that would help change my life for the better. I started training with Jessie in April 2017, and she has challenged and pushed me while dealing with issues like lower back pain, knee pain and poor strength. Jessie encourages and motivates me all the time; I love the fact that she educates me on recommendations for healthy eating tips and exercises I can do at my home. She is the best personal trainer of all time.




michael mccoy

A few years ago I injured my back and since have developed subsequent right hip and knee pain as well. My doctor told me that favoring my back has weakened my muscles and has thus compromised my right leg. I started going to the gym faithfully but became frustrated that I wasn't getting any better. I decided to get a trainer and that's when I met Jessie. She quickly tuned in to what I needed and carefully showed me specific exercises and movements that would safely strengthen me. Her tailored exercises and varied routines improved my strength and flexibility. The progress was slow but encouraging. Where once going up and down stairs and prolonged periods on my feet caused pain and deep aches - now that is nearly gone. After faithfully following Jessie's routines after 6 months my hip and knee problems are indistinguishable. My back is arthritic and will always give me issues but my mobility and activity level is greatly improved. After Jessie's tailored workouts and encouragement during our sessions I now can go the gym and safely obtain a great workout on my own.


donna wittman

I started working with Jessie in July of 2016. I had quit smoking 7 months prior, and knew I wanted to start doing something besides eating pizza and pancakes all day. I had chronic lower back pain and was taking over the counter medication on a daily basis- I told Jessie I took so many pain meds I could have been a shareholder. I was feeling crappy about how I looked and wanted to get toned. Since working with Jessie I have lost a total of 11 inches and 6% body fat, as well as losing over 10lbs and counting. Not only did I lose weight and body fat, but I gained solid muscle, more flexibility and increased strength. At my job, I can now throw 50lb bags of soil into trucks with no difficulty, my mobility has increased (I can touch the ground!), I am no longer on pain medication, my nutrition has greatly improved, my mood and sleep is better, and I feel so much more confident about myself in general! Working with Jessie has changed my life!




lonnie martin

About three months ago, I elected to participate in an employee retiree benefit, "Silver and Fit." The gym manager recommended Jessie Conway as my Personal Trainer (PT). As I have never had a PT before, I have little with which to compare Jessie. However, she stands out so prominently in certain important ways that I am confident in very favorably recommending her. Jessie is an excellent communicator and reliable. If I recall correctly, she has needed only once to change our appointment time, which I was able to accommodate. She speaks clearly and efficiently. As for Jessie's knowledge and professionalism, she has a wealth of physical training vocabulary that she applies and adapts very skillfully as needed. She has several times fine-tuned the way I was approaching an exercise with excellent effects, to include less pain and a better sense that the exercise's effect is improved. My experience with Jessie Conway as PT has been entirely favorable and I recommend her very highly. 


barry laplain

Jessie is the best trainer I've ever had, and I've had many! She personalizes my routine and tailors it to my individual goals. Every session she shows me new exercises so I don't get bored and stuck in a repetitive training routine. She maintains great awareness and assessment of the limitations of my body where I have minor injuries but will always push me hard when it's appropriate. My overall fitness has improved significantly since I started training with Jessie. I have lost weight and generally have more energy. Her warm, bright personality coupled with her great sense of humor make our sessions fun and full of laughter. I recommend her for all the above reasons and more! 


Francesca Mcdonald

When I first met Jessie in April of 2017 I was a couple months into working out by myself and a few days into my actual gym membership. To say I was nervous to meet my personal trainer was an understatement. I have always struggled with my self image, goal setting and goal management. It helped though that my dad had also signed up for the gym and the same personal training sessions. When I finally met Jessie I was so relieved. She is so brilliant, so kind and so knowledgeable. Although I am not as far as I want to be in my fitness journey due to my eating habits, Jessie never judges and is always understanding. She is constantly encouraging me to push myself and motivate myself to keep up the positive habits that I have formed. Change comes from within and I love that she gets that. She has also given me some of the nicest compliments anyone has ever said to me. I might be a bigger woman but I am very knowledgeable and careful about how I workout and what I should be eating and Jessie recognized that instantly. She was impressed with my form during our workouts and my knowledge of food. I know I could always be working harder but knowing Jessie is in my corner makes my journey to a healthier and stronger me more possible and I am forever grateful she is apart of my journey. 

Dave Braheny

Jessie Conway is a gem and one of the main reasons I regularly go to the gym. Always pleasant and cheerful, her innovative and ever changing workout routines make our sessions both interesting and challenging.  Jessie is extremely knowledgeable and I find the mix of aerobic, strength training, and balancing exercises that she puts together are exactly what I need.  I crew on a racing sailboat as a "grinder" which requires a combination of upper body and core strength, as well as aerobic endurance.  At seventy years old, I regularly compete with men in their twenties and thirties - Jessie helps me do that.             


Joe Athey

Jessie is an excellent teacher and expert trainer.  When I showed up at the gym I didn't really know what I wanted or needed. I knew I wanted to feel better, look better and feel more confident.  Jessie listened and helped me identify specific personal goals. Then she designed several workout routines to reach those goals and to avoid the boredom of repeating the same thing over and over.  She taught me proper form to maximize my gym time and to avoid injury. I can honestly say that with her guidance and instruction I feel confident using the gym to increase and maintain strength, balance and agility.  My balance has improved, I wear pants 2 sizes smaller, and I look good in my clothes.  It would never have happened without her skill, encouragement and positive energy. If you are new to the gym or an old hand Jessie is the trainer for you. 

Pam buckley

My name is Pam Buckley and I had Jessie as my personal trainer!  I could never receive a more professional trainer and a fabulous person!! She was always there for me during my session with her.  Jessie never yelled or had a bad attitude when letting me know about my form failing.
Totally a soft spoken person!!  As a woman, Jessie also helped me mentally!!  About 1 1/2 years earlier from my starting time with Jessie I lost my husband after 43 fantastic years!!  Jessie let me talk and cry and her voice and support was fantastic!!  She is a trainer and woman that I am so
blessed and thankful she has played a big part in my life!!  She will be in my HEART forever!!!!