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mind body mama - perinatal fitness

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Perinatal fitness (pre and post natal fitness) is my specialty. I make it my job to get you into the best possible shape pre and post pregnancy to enhance your birth experience. With Mind Body Mama, we focus specifically on exercises that strengthen your deep core, glutes and pelvic floor, Belly Breathing techniques, as well as upper and lower body strength. Mothers who have worked with me during their pregnancy have seen their shortest labors and speediest birthing process, and a very quick recovery postpartum. I want you to know that it IS possible to keep baby weight off during and after pregnancy, AND be in the best shape of your life while enjoying it. To find out more about my Mind Body Mama Training, click here. (Prenatal and Postpartum programs are typically in-person, as it can be difficult to correctly assess imbalances via the internet). 
Program rates depend on how many days per week you would be working with me during and after your pregnancy. For best results, I recommend starting the program as early as possible before you plan to get pregnant or in your 1st trimester (ideally, exercising and eating well pre-pregnancy) and continuing all the way up until birth. After birth we work specifically on breathing and Core Belly Pump exercises until you are ready to exercises lightly, and progress from there. I currently train in the San Francisco Bay Area.
I am a Certified PPCES- Pre and Post Natal Pregnancy Fitness Specialist through the Fit For Birth Method.  


custom fitness programs 

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I create custom fitness programs to meet your goals, needs and physical and time limitations. Custom programs are for those who want a personalized fitness routine, either at home or in the gym. These specialized programs can be updated every few weeks or months for an additional fee. Rates for custom programs depend on the client's desired duration (months or weeks), as well as the frequency of training (how many days per week). Custom fitness programs are the perfect way to kickstart your workout routine with a program that's  created specially for you!


Private training 

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I currently train in the East Bay Area and do private or semi-private personal training sessions. If you are interested in training with me one-on-one for 60 minute sessions, please contact me directly. Rates depend on how many sessions you invest in, and session packages are very popular!


Corrective Exercise For Chronic Pain (in-person only) 

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Corrective Exercise is for those who have chronic pain (back, neck, knees, feet, etc), and is one of the best ways to relieve persistent pain.  All Corrective Exercise programs are custom designed and include a series of at-home exercise that you can do on your own. You will meet with me weekly or bi-weekly to give you new and more advanced exercises and techniques to get you out of pain and back to doing what you love. Programs start with Self-Myofascial release techniques (foam rolling, self massage), move into stretching techniques, and then finally progress to strengthening exercises. (Because of the detailed assessment process and in-depth analysis of your progress, these programs are in-person only. I do not do Corrective Exercise programs online). Please contact me if you have more questions or would like to request an initial assessment. 

*I am a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist in The Biomechanics Method.