My Journey

A Passion For Health and Fitness
My passion for fitness began at a young age. I started playing AYSO soccer at age 5 and was scouted at age 9 and placed on a select, highly competitive touring soccer team on which I played for 10 years. We were a very skilled and cohesive team, and won numerous tournaments including several years of winning state championships. 19 years later, I continue to play Division 1 in a competitive league in San Francisco and greatly enjoy it. Being on a competitive soccer team and growing up with fitness and sports taught me excellent sportsmanship, solid team dynamics, mental fortitude and physical strength. The lessons I learned from my coaches about never giving up, working hard and consistently giving 200% have directly translated into the way I train myself and my clients. I continually seek to find the best corrective exercises and science-backed knowledge that I can offer my clients to help them work towards their goals and create a safe, fun environment where they can train, learn and be themselves. The passion for fitness and sports that started at a young age has only grown and blossomed and I look forward to where it takes me next.


Why I Want To Help People Achieve Their Fitness Goals

Although fitness and health is a huge part of my life, there were times where I was very unhealthy and needed help and coaching for my own mental and physical health. In middle school I became extremely depressed and started cutting myself, which was a habit that lasted for years. My teenage years were the darkest times of my life, and even though I have an amazing family and parents who love me unconditionally, I sank deeper and deeper into depression and became suicidal, and used drugs and self abuse to medicate what was going on inside me. When I was 18, I spiraled out of control into an obsessive eating disorder which lasted nearly a decade. I struggled deeply with shame and self-image and almost died several times from the disorder and considered suicide. I lost all sense of hope and direction and it took years of counseling and extreme dedication to beat the mental illness. Now, I can proudly say that I no longer struggle with the addiction of an ED or the drugs I used to take in high school and college to numb the inner turmoil and pain. I am a spirit-filled Christian and know that Jesus is the only reason I am alive today. I believe in second, third, and a thousand chances for everyone, and I love being a part of people’s journey wherever they are at. Many people struggle with body-image and mental health, and I want them to know that they, too, can be overcomers and step beyond whatever they are dealing with into a higher perspective and the best version of themselves. I find that fitness and training is a great starting point for people struggling to pull themselves out of difficult situations because it teaches you life skills like learning to fight through the struggle, choosing to believe in yourself, being courageous and looking for the best in every situation. What once held me down has now catapulted me into a life message of helping people learn to enjoy the process they’re in, grow stronger both physically and mentally, and find the greatness in themselves. That’s something valuable and unique that I bring to the table with each and every one of my clients.

About Great Aim Fitness Training

At Great Aim Fitness, I firmly believe that great results come from consistency, courage, and a fun, knowledgeable trainer. My fitness background comes from a combination of science-backed methods, years of private and group training and personal experience. As an expert fitness instructor, I help you meet your goals by creating personal, custom fitness plans including nutritional advice and information, as well as popular at home or gym workouts for the avid fitness junkie. I know that tried and true science-based programs give you the best bang for your buck. I won’t waste your time with the current Instagram fitness fad.

At Great Aim, I’m convinced that with the right coaching, program implementation and your consistency and diligence, what may seem like a daunting or impossible target becomes an achievable and reachable goal.

I look forward to meeting you, seeing your progress and helping you achieve your fitness goals!