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When will i receive my order?

You will receive your order immediately upon payment. When you see the confirmation page, click the link under the phrase: YOUR PURCHASE INCLUDES DIGITAL DOWNLOADS. GET THEM HERE. When you click the link, your pdf packet will automatically download to your phone or computer. Don't worry if you closed the confirmation order page, because another copy will be sent to your email, so make sure you enter an email that you frequently use. *Please note that the links to the files will expire within 24 hours of your first access. However, the programs themselves will not expire. 


Why do you structure your programs the way you do? Why don't I do a different exercise every day? 

My plans are intentionally created to give you the best results in the least amount of time. Contrary to what some people think, "muscle confusion" is NOT the best way to train your body. Consistency, volume and and frequency are the deciding factors in the most successful programs, and I have specifically designed my programs with these factors in mind. I create programs based on research, not on the current fitness fad. 


when will i see results?

Noticeable change takes weeks of consistency and dedication. I have been experimenting and working on my fitness goals for over 12 years now, and each year I see big improvements when I stay consistent. Your dedication and commitment is the deciding factor in your success.  There is no time frame for exactly when you will see the results you want, but it is wise to note that your best results will come from eating a healthy diet and following the fitness routine correctly and diligently. As with anything in life, if you work hard and stay focused you WILL see results.  


Do i need a gym membership? 

Yes, you will need a membership or access to a gym for all programs EXCEPT the Home Program Volume 1. The Home Program is designed for those who have NO gym access. 


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